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Alsup Reunion | Charlotte, NC Family Photographer

In my last blog post, I mentioned I had never done an anniversary shoot before. About a month later, I was asked to do ANOTHER session I had never done before -- a family reunion! I couldn't pass this up for a couple of reasons: 

1. The reunion was being held at Castle Hill in Newport, RI

2. It was a 70th surprise luncheon for my client's mom. So sweet! 

3. IT WAS AT CASTLE HILL! (I love this place and had not had the opportunity to shoot there before.)

This family was so fun. They all grew up coming to Newport every Summer. They live all over the country but came together to celebrate their mom's/grandmother's/friend's special day. Again, what a great idea! Hiring a photographer can be for all those momentous occasions like weddings and newborns...but also the more intimate ones where you just want to make sure someone is there to capture it all. 

Mommy & Me Mini Sessions at Wicked Tulip Farm

Last April, I wrote my first guest blog post urging moms to get into more pictures with their kids, which inspired me to offer "Mommy & Me" Mother's Day mini-sessions at Wicked Tulip Farm in Johnston, RI. What a beautiful place. If you haven't been, I strongly urge you to visit this Spring! 

My first mother/daughter duo were mama Hillary and her adorable daughter, Isla. As luck would have it, Hillary is from a town in Michigan named Holland! What are the chances of that? And of course she had a traditional dutch dress for Isla to wear, which just put the cuteness of this session over the top!

Second up were mama Sarah and her awesomely spunky daughter, Avery. These two had such a special bond. It was so sweet to see and was exactly what I was hoping to capture and celebrate with these Mother's Day mini sessions! 

Booking now! Mommy & Me Mini-Sessions at Wicked Tulip Farm

In every family there's the picture taker — the person who’s always behind the camera or phone to make sure they are documenting those special moments. In most cases, this person also tends to be the Mom. With Mother's Day coming, why not get Moms in front of the camera for their own special moment?

I'm excited to announce that, for the first time, I'll be offering a limited number of Mommy & Me mini-sessions at the beautiful Wicked Tulip Farm in Johnston, RI. If you haven't been, it's a sight to behold...and one that most people think is only reserved for those who are visiting or living in Holland. But we are lucky enough to have this wonder right in our own backyard!

So, Dads & Partners — capture precious pictures of your wife with her children that she will cherish for a lifetime. Kids — surprise your mom with a thoughtful and sentimental gift this Mother's Day! Moms — treat yourself and get in front of the camera with your kids for once! And don’t forget your own Mom; Do a multi-generational Mommy & Me session for something your whole family can treasure.

There are a very limited number of spaces available, so book now!