Christmas 2016

Gillmeister Family Session | Charlotte, NC Family photographer

I was excited for this session and the Gillmeisters did not disappoint! Mom and I had discussed our vision for the session -- Christmas PJs, milk and cookies, decorations, etc. -- and it was everything I had hoped it would be. Everyone looked adorable and I think I was able to really capture all the personalities in this fun family. This was the perfect session to end to my 2016 Christmas season!

Shaker Family Session | Charlotte, NC Family Photographer

In typical New England fashion, it was unseasonably warm during my Christmas Tree Farm sessions the day before, and was FREEZING during this one. But little Miss V was a total trooper. Mom was legitimately concerned that their lips would be blue in every picture... but we got a bunch of adorable shots before we finally had to call it a day. I loved this park though (I had never been before) and would love to have some sessions there when it's warmer! 

Holiday Photoshoots | Charlotte, NC Family Photographer

What a fun day this was! I had three families all looking to get family portraits taken with Christmas trees as the backdrop for their Christmas cards. I reached out to Rick Miller at Miller's Family Farm in North Attleboro, MA, and he was so nice and accommodating. The grounds of the farm were super cute and festive, and Rick has big plans for the future. He was even asking me what I would add to make it more appealing to photographers (how cool is that!?). 

Anyways, all of my clients that day were amazing! I got an early start with the Rosa girls, who brought an immediate smile to my face. They were hilarious and adorable and LOVED the props I brought (as you'll see in the photos). Next I had the Parmentier family, who I just realized were not only my first real clients... but became my first repeat clients as well with this photoshoot! Such a special family. And last, but certainly not least, I ended the day with baby L... oh yeah, and his parents. :) Getting special shots of this family's first Christmas together, and seeing the unconditional love they share, was the perfect way to end a perfect day.

I can't wait to do this again. Be on the lookout for some mini-sessions in the near future... Valentine's Day maybe??