2017 Babies | Charlotte, NC Family Photographer

Is there anything better than a brand new baby? Those tiny fingers and toes. Chubby thighs. Peach fuzz hair everywhere. Gah! Well I had the pleasure of getting to snuggle a few sweet babies in 2017. My first babies of 2017 were my twin nephews! Remember these sweet little owlets?? I can hardly believe they are coming up on their first birthday...where does the time go!?

In September I got to meet Mr. Magnus, the most adorable Viking you ever did see! He was such a good baby for me, letting me pose him and put silly hats on him! And I loved that I was also able to capture some tender, quiet moments with mommy and daddy...and of course some sweet ones with lil' sis as well! 

My last baby of 2017 was beautiful little Olivia ("Livi"). Unlike Magnus who just wanted to sleep, 8 day old Livi just wanted to look around at her new world. She was the most alert newborn I have ever met! And she didn't cry either...she just looked around at everything and everyone. What a cutie!

I love doing these half posed, half lifestyle sessions. I feel like parents get the best of both worlds that way -- cute close up shots of the baby's features, and also sweet memories of those first few days as a new family. I can't wait to snuggle even more babies in the year ahead! 

Alsup Reunion | Charlotte, NC Family Photographer

In my last blog post, I mentioned I had never done an anniversary shoot before. About a month later, I was asked to do ANOTHER session I had never done before -- a family reunion! I couldn't pass this up for a couple of reasons: 

1. The reunion was being held at Castle Hill in Newport, RI

2. It was a 70th surprise luncheon for my client's mom. So sweet! 

3. IT WAS AT CASTLE HILL! (I love this place and had not had the opportunity to shoot there before.)

This family was so fun. They all grew up coming to Newport every Summer. They live all over the country but came together to celebrate their mom's/grandmother's/friend's special day. Again, what a great idea! Hiring a photographer can be for all those momentous occasions like weddings and newborns...but also the more intimate ones where you just want to make sure someone is there to capture it all. 

Procter Anniversary Session | Charlotte, NC Family Photographer

In May, I was contacted by Lee, who was looking to do a special session to celebrate her and her husband Stew's fifth anniversary. I had never been asked to do such a session...but what a great idea! These two lovebirds showed up and were clearly just as in love as they were on their wedding day. Lee wore the same dress she wore on their wedding day and brought a bag full of sentimental props that I was happy to incorporate. Oh, and she had champs (which they happily shared afterwards to toast a successful shoot)! 

There are so many milestones that clients hire me to capture -- engagements, maternity, births, new baby, annual family pictures, etc. This is one that I think goes overlooked. So to all you couples out there...don't forget to celebrate YOU!