Rock 1st Birthday/Family Session | RI Family Photographer

Driving Miss E!
New England weather can be…challenging. When Jess contacted me in February about doing a first birthday/family session, it was unseasonably warm. So we were confident that scheduling a March session would be perfect…and then it snowed and/or rained every. single. weekend in March. So we kept rebooking and finally found a date in April that worked. But as luck would have it, the temperature dropped and the wind picked up significantly on the afternoon of the shoot. I had 15 balloons that I was planning to use as part of a mini hot air balloon prop, but the wind blew the balloons into the sea grass and popped them unceremoniously, one by one. Oy. But the Rocks were such troopers and the light that night, combined with the sweet moments I was able to catch, made it all worth it!
But as I started edited the session, I felt bad that poor Miss E didn’t have any special birthday girl shots. It was her first birthday after all! I asked Jess if I could come to their house on a Saturday when they were free, to try and get some birthday shots, and she sweetly agreed. I brought my mini hot air balloon supplies again, and Miss E was NOT having it. I guess I don’t blame her…I doubt she likes being put in her crib, so why would she like being put in a basket? But I couldn’t leave a second time with no birthday shots! As I was kicking around some Plan B options, I saw Miss E getting into her Cozy Coupe and it hit me…baby girl was going to get in the car, with balloons tied to it, and take a birthday joy ride down the street. As you can see from the pictures, she loved driving around and her personality came shining through. Such a sweetie!

Booking now! Mommy & Me Mini-Sessions at Wicked Tulip Farm

In every family there's the picture taker — the person who’s always behind the camera or phone to make sure they are documenting those special moments. In most cases, this person also tends to be the Mom. With Mother's Day coming, why not get Moms in front of the camera for their own special moment?

I'm excited to announce that, for the first time, I'll be offering a limited number of Mommy & Me mini-sessions at the beautiful Wicked Tulip Farm in Johnston, RI. If you haven't been, it's a sight to behold...and one that most people think is only reserved for those who are visiting or living in Holland. But we are lucky enough to have this wonder right in our own backyard!

So, Dads & Partners — capture precious pictures of your wife with her children that she will cherish for a lifetime. Kids — surprise your mom with a thoughtful and sentimental gift this Mother's Day! Moms — treat yourself and get in front of the camera with your kids for once! And don’t forget your own Mom; Do a multi-generational Mommy & Me session for something your whole family can treasure.

There are a very limited number of spaces available, so book now!


Bertrand Milk Bath Session | RI Children Photographer

I got into photography because I have a horrible memory. Seriously, my best friend sometimes calls me Dory. When I had my girls, I had this urge to document EVERYTHING so I wouldn't forget a single moment. (I know I'm not the only mom who feels this way!) So I picked up a camera and started shooting, and a couple of years later, here I am! And in between photoshoots with amazing clients, I like to continue to document and experiment with my sweet little muses. 

A couple of weekends ago it was really cold outside and we were all starting to get a little antsy being stuck indoors, so I grabbed my camera, my softbox, my assistant (Aaron), a box of fruit loops, and some powdered milk and told the girls it was time to take a bath -- a milk bath! Full disclosure, I'm not usually a fan of the milk bath thing. I've seen it gain more and more steam over the past couple of years, but more with maternity shots, where the mom-to-be is in milk bath with just her belly showing, surrounded by flowers. The concept doesn't quite make sense to me. BUT, kids in a cereal milk bath totally makes sense to me! I had seen something similar on a photography forum I'm a member of called Pretty Forum, so I had to try it out. What do you think? 

The Myrbergs | Baby E's Cake Smash

I had done a Mommy & Me session for Baby E and her Mom before Christmas, while Daddy was in Afghanistan keeping us all safe. Remember these? Well Daddy made it home in one piece in time to celebrate the holidays and E's first birthday. I loved everything about this shoot. I loved working with Mom beforehand on her vision for the shoot, I loved checking the weather every day to see if snow was on the horizon, and I loved being able to capture the love and joy between this beautiful family. <3

The LeBlanc Family | Belly & Baby Sessions

I waited a long time for these little munchkins to arrive! First, they are my sweet little nephews and made me a proud Auntie x 2! Secondly, I've been excited to show potential clients what a Belly & Baby bundle would look like. I took maternity pictures of my gorgeous sister and her equally beautiful wife at 31 weeks, just a couple of days before Christmas. Who looks that good when they're carrying twins?? I was bigger than that carrying only one...just sayin'. 

About a week after B & G were born I did a combo stylized/lifestyle photoshoot. It's best to shoot newborns within their first 14 days when they spend most of their time sleeping and are their most pliable. My sister-in-law had bought these cute owl hats before the twins were born, so of course I had put the owls in their nest for a few shots. Then I got a bunch of lifestyle shots, which I love to do in black and white to add a bit of nostalgia. I hope they'll look back on these special snuggles and intimate moments when they are sleep deprived, covered in poo and wondering what they've gotten themselves into. 

Congratulations Michelle & Jen!