Thomas Fresh 48 & Lifestyle Newborn Session | Charlotte Birth Photographer

One of the perks of my job is that I get to watch my client’s families grow. I met Amy, Scott and Emma last fall when they hired me to do a family session. When I found out Amy was pregnant, I suggested we schedule the session as far out as we could so that we could do a combo family/maternity session. It would also give us time to let the foliage peak. I loved this session because I felt like I got to really capture the essence of this family — close knit, laid back, and fun!

I was pleasantly surprised (and honored!) when Amy reached out close to her due date to ask if I would do a Fresh 48 and Lifestyle Newborn session for them. That’s where I met brand new little miss Sadie and this new close knit family of FOUR! I can’t wait to work with this family in the future so I can see them grow some more!

Birth Story of Baby Brycen Hayes | Charlotte Birth Photographer

I was invited to my first home birth when Sam was pretty far along in her pregnancy (37 weeks). I met her at a coffee shop a few days later so that we could meet each other in person, discuss how her pregnancy was progressing and review her birth plan. During our consult I learned that this was Sam's second baby (big brother Oakland was almost 2 years old) and she had had an unmedicated first birth at a local birth center. Her labor was long and hard and I could tell that she was already unsure if she could do it again, but the fact that she had powered through a long, hard, unmedicated birth the first time around told me just how strong she was! 

I got the call three weeks later at 5:30 in the morning that Sam had gone into labor and was 5cm dilated. When I arrived at the house I was surprised to see 3 midwives, 1 doula and Sam's husband, Tate, there. It was a full house filled with beautiful birth support! It had been ~90 minutes since I got that first call, and by the time I arrived, Sam had progressed to 9cm dilated...where she stayed for 4 hours! She handled each contraction like a champ and got into a rhythm in between where she would do a lap around the house and then go directly into the arms of Tate, her doula, or one of her midwives for someone to hold onto while she contracted. 

Sam wanted to have a water birth, her doula had told me earlier that she labored better out of the tub during her first birth, and as luck would have it, that stayed true for birth #2. When her labor were getting really intense, Sam decided to go into her birthing tub to deliver. But again, the contractions weakened a bit and her doula and midwives suggested that she change positions. She tried a few and then decided to stand and that's where she remained until her baby was born. This warrior mama gave birth squatting. She was incredible and birthed her baby beautifully. 

Baby Brycen Hayes was born at 11:51, weighed 8 lbs 8 oz, and was 21.5 inches long. Welcome to the world Hayes and congratulations Sam, Tate, and Oakland! Thank you for letting me capture this once in a lifetime moment for you! 

Kira's Milk Bath Maternity Session | Charlotte Maternity Photographer

This gorgeous mama right here has become a great friend and peer since I moved down to Charlotte eighteen months ago. So I was honored when she asked me to capture her pregnancy with a beautiful milk bath session. I’ve done one milk bath session before, but it was with my girls and involved Froot Loops, so I was excited when Kira brought her vision to me. As luck would have it, our visions meshed perfectly—I loved the classic look she was going for and she was excited when I suggested we also spice things up a bit! Kira has since given birth to a beautiful little girl named Adelaide. I can’t wait to get her in a milk bath with her mama next! Congratulations Kira!!