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Hi, I’m Nicole!

I was born in Virginia to a military family (my Dad is in the Coast Guard), and lived in VA, ME, FL and VA (again!) before finally settling in RI for most of my childhood. I am the oldest of 3 girls (in years, not maturity), and my sisters are my best friends. I think all that moving around in my early years gave me my wanderlust spirit -- I LOVE to travel. I've been all over Europe and have lived in Hawaii and NYC! So of course it's fitting that I met my Canadian husband on a trip home to RI. We moved to Charlotte last year with our two beautiful and spunky girls, Madeline and Nora.

I started my photography journey in 2012, the way many of us do -- inspired by the birth of my own child. My first birth didn't go as planned and ended in a c-section. My second birth, though, was a beautiful VBAC and everything I had hoped my first birth would have been. Afterwards I wished I had photographs to remember all of the feelings from that day--the strength, determination, relief, and overwhelming and profound love and joy. I want to give other moms what I missed out on -- the gift of always being able to remember their own birth story. You only get once chance to capture the moment you meet your baby!

My favorite things

We might be kindred spirits if:

  • You LOVE Mexican Food (chips, salsa, and guac in particular)

  • You love to travel, and the less plans you make beforehand, the better

  • Your TV rarely leaves Bravo, unless you are binging on the latest Netflix release

  • You love The Sound of Music (hello, favorite things) and Anne of Green Gables (in which case, you got my “kindred spirits” reference)

  • You jam to Yacht Rock in the Summer

  • You wear flip-flops from March til November

  • You are super sentimental and treasure all photos, keepsakes, etc…but in a SUPER organized way.

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me and the girls 2018

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